Links to my lab:

The lab of Ralf Sommer, of which I am a proud member.

Our cool Comparative Connectomics Network Browsing Tool., information site about the nematode Pristionchus pacificus. The blog of Erik Ragsdale, another member of the lab. Also looking for an assistant professor position!

“Connectomics” software:, which hosts raw image data for several connectomics projects, including ours.

Trakem2. This software has been hugely important to my work.

CATMAID. Reconstruction software I plan on using in the future.

EYEWIRE. Very cool crowd-sourced connectome annotation project.

Graph Visualization:

Gephi. A graph visualization and analysis tool that I find very useful.

Cytoscape. Another fantastic graph visualization tool.

Graphviz. We used this to make the layouts for our focused centrality graphs.

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit. We used this for our connectomics network browsing tool.

D3.js. We thought about using this for graph visualization, might still do in the future. Resource by Nikhil Bhatla that has been an inspiration for out network browser. He has a bunch of cool tools there.

Should I add a link? Let me know!

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