An artistic contribution to worm neuroanatomy.

sideview4Bumbargercover1In annotating all of the connectivity for my recent comparative connectomics papers, one of the byproducts was a massive 3D model of the anatomy of all the cells in the nervous system. For me, these models are fascinating to look at and  I enjoy when I get a chance to admire some of the beauty in the data I generate. I spent some time making some 3D rendering of the models using Blender ( in order to submit them as possible covers for the issue in which the paper was published… they weren’t chosen for the cover, but I still want to share them with the world!  Click the images to see them larger on my FLICKR page, and let me know what you think!


3 responses to “An artistic contribution to worm neuroanatomy.

  1. Beautiful! I’m looking to get into 3D modelling for biology; I currently work at HHMI for creating a Drosophila connectome, but I love tinkering with this stuff in my free time!

    • is your friend here… It has a steep learning curve at the beginning but it is what I use to render my 3D movies and models… Can’t wait for the Drosophila data to get published!

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