Data is online at Open Connectome

brainsectionWhen image stacks are acquired for generating connectivity datasets, there is so much information in the micrographs that does not make it into the first manuscript. As these datasets are extremely difficult to acquire, I think it is important that we try and make the data as openly available as possible. This, however, is not an easy task… it requires you to spend quite a bit of time developing a resource… time that could be spent generating more data or writing papers. As such, I am terribly thankful that the folks at have developed a resource for making easy for people such as myself to host their image data in a useful way. Right now, one of the two specimens I analyzed is now available online. An example image through the brain of Pristionchus can be seen HERE. The other specimen will also be up soon, I hope. If I manage to find the time, I would like to have a database that makes it easy for anyone interested to examine the original images for all of the synapses that I have identified. Besides my data, they are also hosting images from a number of high profile publications including some of the original C. elegans hermaphrodite data, data used by the Emmons lab for reconstructing male tail wiring, and mouse retina data. They are using Catmaid as an engine for delivering the data, which is a bit of software under active development that I may be using in the future for both the annotation and distribution of my data.


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