Talk at Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna


On Wednesday I was at the IMP in vienna to deliver a talk about my recent paper.Manuel Zimmer, my host, put together a great schedule of people to meet with and I had a great time delivering the talk .. the audience was highly engaged and asked a lot of very good questions. I spent the rest of the day having some great discussions with members of top-notch labs with varied approaches and model organisms, but all with an interest in understanding neural circuits. There are two worm groups there… those of Manuel Zimmer, whose main line of interest is oxygen sensation circuits in C. elegans, and Luisa Cochella, who is just starting her group and is likely to continue her work on cell fate specification of some important sensory neurons in the worm. I also had some good conversations with several of the postdocs (Anne, Josh and Ines) from Barry Dickson’s amazing fly lab. Josh Lillvis was sharing some of his recently and soon to be published work on Nudibranch neuromodulation done in the lab of Paul Katz.  I would have cited the papers if I knew they were coming! Andrew Straw showed me his 3D fly tracker, which makes me a little jealous as a worm guy. On the vertebrate side of things, I met with Simon Rumpel (memory and auditory circuits in rats) and Wulf Haubensak (the amygdala and fear response), both of whom are applying multiple approaches to answer hard questions about vertebrate brain function. There was even another EM guy, Thomas Marlovits, who instead of 3D worms looks at 3D molecules.  Not so often that you get a chance to chat in a single day with so many heavy hitters who push the boundaries of neuroscience.  Finished the day with some really excellent dinner and conversation. A big thanks to Manuel for hosting me!

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