Brand new publication in a brand new journal!

A review I did with Ralf on nematode models in Evolutionary and Developmental biology just came out in WIRES Developmental Biology.

In it we describe how a number of nematode species (not just C. elegans and P. pacificus!) have contributed to our understanding of evo-devo. The paper is interesting, but the publication venue is also interesting… WIRES Developmental Biology, which is a new (only 1 issue so far) online-only publication put out by Wiley. It is intended to be “a state of the art online reference resource for all of developmental biology, one that will cover basic concepts as well as specific topics, and will collect and integrate the findings and insights of our field in a comprehensive, authoritative manner.” Kind of like a peer-reviewed encyclopedia of state-of-the-art knowledge about development. I’m hoping this is just the first paper in  a very good publication year!


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