Monthly Archives: October 2010

Meeting season is over

After a very busy meeting season, I can finally get back to getting some work done. Since the last update, I’ve attended two very different meetings. The first was an EMBO meeting on the “Structure and Function of Neural Circuits” in Heidelberg. It was in EMBO’s relatively new conference building, which has internal and external stairwells that form a double helix. The meeting was very intense.. nearly every talk presented fantastic work, and for me it was some great exposure to some of the things going on in critters besides nematodes. I was particularly blown away by some of the work going on in Drosophila right now. A very intense meeting with a very high caliber of science. The second meeting was the European Nematology meeting in Vienna. For me, this meeting was all about getting back in touch with my nematologist roots. It was also a little fun because a couple other lab members went as well (Matthias and Robbie).

Now I’m trying to gear up for the home stretch of wrapping up data collection and preparing a manuscript on pharynx connectivity… can I do it by the end of the year? With a little daughter due in February, I feel like that paper has to get done before I am too distracted.

I put a bunch of pictures from Heidelberg and Vienna on my Flickr account, and some bonus pictures of what little corn I managed to get out of the garden this year! See them HERE.