Monthly Archives: November 2009

Sommer Lab Wine Tasting 2009

Well, its that time a year again. This month our lab had its annual wine tasting. The selection of wine was really quite nice, and I enjoyed it quite a bit despite recovering from a cold. Somehow, through random guessing, I was one of the top three winners. The “Prize” is that I will be helping to arrange the event for next year. An album of pictures can be found HERE.

Lab stuff

On November 9th, I gave a talk at the “Netzwerks fuer Elektronenmikroskopie Tuebingen” symposium entitled “Practical considerations for obtaining large serial section datasets. For this talk I took a few photographs of one of the places I spend an large amount of time: my microtome room. Click HERE for a Flickr gallery.

Sunrise at the Max Planck Institute

With Barbara’s new job, we’ve both been getting up very early. One of the side benefits of this is that I get to watch the sunrise, which is often spectacular from the vantage point of our lab building as it looks over the valley. Sometimes I feel very lucky to be working in such a beautiful place!