Monthly Archives: November 2008

New publication!

Finally, the last paper from my PhD work has been published in the journal of comparative neurology. Really feels great to get this one out! If anyone wants a pdf, just email me and let me know. Here is the citation:

Bumbarger, DJ, S Wijeratne, C Carter, J Crum, MH Ellisman and JG Baldwin. 2008. Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Amphid Sensilla in the Microbial Feeding Nematode, Acrobeles Complexus (Nematoda: Rhabditida). J Comp Neurol 512:271-281.

In other lab news, our institute will be purchasing an obscenely expensive digital camera for our electron microscope to replace a less than desirable one that I am currently using. It should make a big difference in my work. Also, Ralf has agreed that if I can find a qualified person I can get a graduate student of my very own! That would add much to my life quality and would allow me to think more ambitiously about what I can do here.

Below is an image of the main figure in the paper, which shows the sensory endings of all the amphid dendrites (colored textured things), the amphid socket (transparent red) and sheath (transparent green) cells, a bit of one of the epidermal cells (transparent grey) and a bit of the pharymx (solid grey). The amphids are the primary sensory structures in nematodes. Enjoy!