Monthly Archives: August 2007

Tree of Life 2007 Meeting

I attended the Nematode Tree of Life Dorylaimia workshop. Nematologists from all over the world flew out for the occasion so it was a great chance to meet with old friends and make some new ones. Many thanks to the De Ley lab for their organizational efforts. It was held at the James Reserve, one of the field stations of the University of California. Their website, incidentally, has some great webcams on it. I brought along a battery operated blacklight, generously loaned to me by the UCR Entomology Museum, to try and collect some beetles. Many beetles that show up to blacklights have nematodes associated with them, either as parasites or just hitching a ride. I’ll post an update if I manage to find anything interesting on them. I also remembered to bring my fly rod up for a little fishing at “Lake” Fulmor, a pond adjacent to the reserve. The meeting wrapped up with dinner at the Gastrognome, a seafood place in Idyllwild, and a discussion of future collaborative projects. Please be sure to check out my photo album of the event Here. Also, see Mark Blaxter’s excellent photographic evidence from this event and the SON meeting Here.